Ambassade de la Côte d'Ivoire
Washington, DC - Etats-Unis
Washington, DC

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Liste des documents à fournir pour la demande de visa


Required documents for the visa application
From February 15, 2009
As a consequence, the following documents shall be required to obtain an Ivorian visa
  • One (01) passport still valid at least six months.
  • Two (02) color passport photos full face picture on white background.
  • Two (02) application form in duplicate duly filled out by the visa applicant.
  • copy of valid green card for non us citizen.
  • Copy of the yellow fever vaccination certificate.
  • Flight booking.
  • A certified invitation letter or a hotel reservation.
  • Company cover letter for businessmen.
  • A return prepaid FedEx or Express Mail.
  • Parental authorization for minor.

  • 2 or 3 business days to get back the passport.
  • Service Consulaire: Tél. : 202 204 4034 – Fax : 202 204 3976